So, I’m not all that religious, but I’m pretty sure Easter has something to do with re-birth, bringing stuff back from the dead – all that jazz?

Which makes it the perfect time to actually start writing this blog again. I’ll admit, I had a moment (a six-month long moment) of self-doubt when I thought that I didn’t know enough about publishing to really make a blog like this work. So I concentrated on the reviews blog (at least I can read) and got on with the Publishing MA work.

But this renewed blog post is actually the result of a five-week long work placements when I was looking at P&Ls and listening in on meetings, a trip to the London Book Fair, and a conversation last night when I explained to someone what royalties would be ‘normal’ (or at least acceptable) for a friend-of-a-friend. On all three occasions there was one common thought: I actually understand what’s going on here.

I mean, you’d hope so given that I’ve just spent the last eight months of my life studying exactly that. But it was nice feeling to apply all of that knowledge to ‘real life’ situations.

So look out for some ‘real life’ publishing situations and scenarios – coming to a blog near you soon (and yes, this time it is going to happen).


About Amy

22-year-old aspiring publisher/bestselling writer/wooden bookshop owner (like the one in Notting Hill). Beyond books, I like travelling, kickboxing, Sex and the City, the theatre (plays and musicals), chocolate and wine (often together), taking photographs (they're not good enough to classify this as 'photography' - though I also like looking at other people's), Flight of the Conchords, owning pretty dresses, and posters of vintage book covers.
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