It’s been a while. I spectacularly missed an October bookshop of the month entry, and owe a number of literary city updates. Let’s just say that being a Publishing student is seriously hard, time-consuming work!

Still, instead of doing NaNoWriMo (which I managed to sign up for before realising that there was absolutely no way I would have time to do it), I’m going for NaNoPoMo – National November Posting Month. An entry a day for a month (not including the 1st because, well, I didn’t manage it. So we’ll finish on December 2nd instead ;)).

OK so due to time constraints (and not wanting to write entries for the sake of writing them and have them be a bit, well, rubbish) the posts will be spread across here and my spangly, sister review blog where today’s post is already up (check it out!). But despite this, it’s going to be a challenge, albeit an exciting one. Let’s see if it works – and I can find a spare hour or so in the day to get posting! Wish me luck!

Edit: OK, so coursework deadlines mean this isn’t really feasible. But the blogging will be back on track in November. Hopefully.


About Amy

22-year-old aspiring publisher/bestselling writer/wooden bookshop owner (like the one in Notting Hill). Beyond books, I like travelling, kickboxing, Sex and the City, the theatre (plays and musicals), chocolate and wine (often together), taking photographs (they're not good enough to classify this as 'photography' - though I also like looking at other people's), Flight of the Conchords, owning pretty dresses, and posters of vintage book covers.
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