A Ten Minute Introduction

First sentences are the bane of my life. I almost got the point where I considered finding a ‘suitable’ quote and letting someone else do the hard work for me. But considering this is supposed to be a Blog where I find the words to post something interesting (hopefully…) every few days, which probably wouldn’t be the best start.

Usually once you’ve got a first sentence down, everything else seems pretty easy. Unfortunately I’m also not a huge fan of introductions, or working out what to say to make a memorable impression. Apparently I just don’t like ‘firsts’ – which is obviously the reason I came out of university with a 2:1. Anyway, let’s just say thank God for the invention of the ‘backspace’ key!

So, before I give myself away as a babbling muppet, here’s the promised, quick introduction to what The Next Ten Minutes is all about.

Although named after one of my favourite musical theatre songs, The Next Ten Minutes is not actually a theatre-orientated Blog. It’s more of a literary-and-publishing theming, but this theming could be a very loose one. There’s too many exciting things to write about that are easily connected to books! Anyway, you can learn more about me in the ‘about’ section – it’s not worth making anyone read that if they don’t want to, and definitly not writing it out more than once!

So instead I’ll leave you with the song that this Blog is named after. One day I’ll write an entire entry about the genius that is Jason Robert Brown, and my love for The Last Five Years. But for now, I’ll just leave you with a bit of a teaser. A quick bit of back story: in the show, the two protagonists start at opposite ends of the story, Cathy at the end, and Jamie at the beginning. This proposal and wedding is the central point of the show and the only time at which they are in the same ‘time zone’. When you know that, and listen to the beginning at the end, it brings a whole different meaning. But even without that knowledge this is a beautiful song that hopefully needs no analysis for you to enjoy!


About Amy

22-year-old aspiring publisher/bestselling writer/wooden bookshop owner (like the one in Notting Hill). Beyond books, I like travelling, kickboxing, Sex and the City, the theatre (plays and musicals), chocolate and wine (often together), taking photographs (they're not good enough to classify this as 'photography' - though I also like looking at other people's), Flight of the Conchords, owning pretty dresses, and posters of vintage book covers.
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